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Continuous improvement is at the heart of
our approach to cleaning



Exceeding your expectations begins with listening to and understanding your facility’s unique cleaning needs: cleaning frequency, cleaning types, cleaning areas, etc.

Cleaning Solutions


Once we know what your expectations are, our cleaning experts propose a fully customized cleaning solution for your space based on our experience and industry best practices.

Cleaning Plan


Your dedicated cleaning team arrives on site, executes your cleaning plan with careful attention to detail, and leaves your facility looking refreshed.



Effortless consistency is what every business owner and property manager needs. That’s why our enhanced QA protocol is always working behind the scenes to ensure an exceptional clean every time.

Allow us to focus on the business of cleaning, so you can focus on your business at hand

Some businesses might be hesitant of considering a better commercial cleaning company for their facilities and offices. Perhaps, even though you are unsatisfied with your current cleaning company you are still using them; Perhaps due to the concern of the possibly of an increase in price, or because of the lack of time to find a new better company. Good news, iClean focuses on delivering high quality commercial cleaning service with affordable prices. We might even be able to save you money and provide you with better services which will benefit your establishment; we are capable and able to be your trusted cleaning company.

There are many benefits from hiring us as your cleaning company:

Helping be more efficient and productive and, increasing business by creating better commercial space appeal

It is not a question that our company can do a better job of maintaining and cleaning than our competitors. When you operate a business or company, it is by far essential for you to hire us to get the most qualified and experienced cleaners that will clean the areas completely. You will end up with the most professional-looking business or office that is even more inviting for your clients.

With your impressed clients, they’ll be more likely to do business with you. The office should be perfectly cleaned with additional appeal for that extra feeling of positivity. Remember that clients will be even more impressed by the looks of your company or business.

What To Expect

What to expect from iClean

Increasing work productivity

Each business knows that hiring for a new employee means paying for costs throughout the training period and waiting for them to become productive. It is far better for you to rely on our company with the best cleaning service possible. In hiring qualified experienced employees, our customers will always receive the same quality service; you will not have to worry about inconsistent service. Your office and employees will enjoy having the utmost satisfaction while working because of the clean, inviting and relaxing environment.

Expecting a Healthier and Neater Office

You need to take note that when your workers are sick, even the productivity also declines. Our professional cleaners are more than dedicated in reducing the illnesses in the workplace environment. We will sanitize computer keyboards and mice, telephones, bathrooms, and more. Expect that there will be significantly less germs in the area. You’ll effectively reduce sickness and will create an even better and brighter environment with employees who are happy and healthy.

What We Do

We provide only the best service, each and every time!

Industrial Cleaning

iClean provides Industrial Cleaning services throughout the GTA. Our experienced teams combine dedication and superior cleaning services, With our guarantee of quality service, and years of experience, we are one of the bestchoices for Industrial Cleaning Services in Toronto.

Commercial Cleaning

Our goal is to enhance the overall appeal of your commercial establishment. We don’t cut corners we clean them. We provides superior level of quality, while remaining committed to using only eco-friendly methods. We offer flexible appointment scheduling and strive for 100% customer satisfaction!

Carpet Shampoo

We specialize in Carpet Shampoo Steam Cleaning for both Residential and Commercial alike, we also provide services for upholstery, and automotive interiors for our clients.

We employ a combination of extra hot water, eco-friendly chemicals and an emulsifier. 

Ecofriendly Cleaning

Expect a healthier and neater office. You’ll effectively reduce sickness and will create an even better and brighter environment with employees who are happy and healthy. We effectively use state-of-the-art cleaning tools and methods and we assure our clients of cleaning beyond the surfaces

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